Is cost of partecipation all-inclusive?

All inclusive, except cost of flight from and to your country and your EXTRA.

Total cost includes local transportation, lodging in the four-star Hotel, meals (breakfast, mid-day meal, evening supper), tour of Stadium and Museum, the game of SL Benfica. Plus all didactical activities.

Is the number of partecipants limited?

Yes, the number of spots available is very limited, due to logistic restrictions associated with an event of this type.

Is the course open to anybody?

Yes, it is not indispensable to have a UEFA license. The course is open to anybody, Italian citizens or European Community (EU)citizens in general, but even to people from outside the EU ( in previous years, this type of course has been attended also by representatives from Russia and Peru'). Clearly, the course is particularly recommended for coaches of any category and level, and for coaches responsible for youth levels.

Where and when will participants gather?

Participants will gather on Tuesday, May 9 th , at 10:10 am, near the Lisbon Airport (in front of caffe' Padaria Lisboa- see picture- located inside of the Arrivals room, easily seen after passing through the sliding door).

Is it possible to participate with a companion?

NO, participation to this event is all inclusive, and it is not possible to participate with a companion with whom the participant shares exclusively room and meals. This normative is based on practical and organizational reasons: based on the scheduling of the various activities, it is possible that our delegation ended up having a meal at the Benfica Technical Center, instead than at the Hotel.

My flight arrives in Lisbon a day before the event starts (or leaves a day after the end of the event itself). How should I organize my schedule?

Lisbon's airport is very well connected with center city, both with the metro (red line), whose stop is inside of the terminal, and with a shuttle (bus) service. In either case, prices are very convenient: less than 2 euros for the metro and less than 4 euros for the shuttle. Lisbon offers hotels, apartaments and hostels over a wide range of costs and needs..

In which language are held the theoretical sessions?

The technicians and specialists of the Benfica youth sector will develop the various sessions in English.

What should we bring? In particular, what type of clothing?

The day is spent almost completely outdoor; therefore we suggest to dress comfortably and not formally. The Hotel offers two pools (one outdoor and one indoor) and a well equipped fitness center. If you are interested in some physical fitness early in the morning, bring related clothing.

Is it necessary to exhibit an ID to enter the technical Center?

It is possible that Security ask to verify the identity of the participants and possibly do a random check. The group would be always accompanied by a Benfica representative. Moreover, inside of the Technical Center we shall be forced to move as a group and in an orderly manner.

Is it possible to take videos or photos during the course?

We are not allowed to do that during the sessions indoor and when we observe training sessions. The Technical Center is supervised by Security, that controls movements and behavior of all guests. We shall move around as a group and we shall have the opportunity to take group pictures. It is, however, possible to take pictures and videos when we visit the Stadium and the Museum, and during activities outside of the training center.

Where is located Benfica's technical center?

Benfica's Technical Center is called Caixa Futebol Campus. It is a modern and beautiful structure located in Seixal, about 30 km outside of Lisbon.

Is transportation from the Hotel to the Technical Center included?

Yes. The package includes daily transfer from the Hotel to the Technical Center, and also any local transportation for activities included in the program. We shall move around in a bus provided by the Benfica Club.

Do participants receive a certificate?

The Benfica Club will issue a Diploma of participation at the end of the course.

When does the course end?

The course ends on Thursday, May 11 th, at the end of the didactical sessions. Afterwards, after the distribution of the above mentioned Diplomas, there will be transportation to the airport, around 5:00 pm (mid-afternoon). Those who elect to continue their staying in Lisboa, can get easily to center city with the metro or with a bus.