LISBON, MAY 9 - 11


The course in Lisbon, in addition to deepen the understanding of Benfica's methodologies, will allow us to thouroughly explore the structures of the modern Technical Center Caixa, a concentrate of technology, where, among other things, there is a fitness center for scientific training of technical skills.

To all this, it is added a high profile program that will allow us to follow, directly from the sideline, how to train the talents of the youth sector, and to better understand the philosophy and methodologies used by the Club, through a series of meetings in the auditorium.


Benfica, one of the best academies of the world

Benfica, one of the elite teams in European football, also has one of the best most appreciated academies in the world. Benfica won the UEFA Youth League and the U-20 Intercontinental Cup in 2022

World-class talent

One of the most successful clubs in the world for producing talent over the last decade is SL Benfica.  

In the last seven years, Benfica has generated €379 million in sales from its academy players alone, the most of any team in that time. The club's investment in and dedication to the growth of young players benefits the senior playing group and the organisation's long-term viability and financial stability. Without significant TV money or international recognition, in comparison with Europe's elite, Benfica has gone down the path of youth development to compete, and it is paying off.

  • Bernardo Silva | value €80m | Manchester City |
  • Rúben Dias | value €75m | Manchester City |
  • João Cancelo | value €70m | Bayern Munich |
  • João Félix | value €50m | Chelsea |
  • Ederson | value €45m | Manchester City |
  • Gonçalo Guedes | value €32m | Benfica |
  • Gonçalo Ramos | value €30m | Benfica |
  • Renato Sanches | value €25m | PSG |
  • Nuno Tavares | value €18m | OM |
  • Florentino | value €15m | Benfica |
  • António Silva | value €15m | Benfica |
  • André Gomes | value €14m | Lille |

Caixa Football Campus

The Campus has been connected to the football's growth in the last years. Benfica has invested significantly in its youth program, €15 million alone in the Caixa Football Campus.

The facilities at the Caixa Football Campus are the first step in creating an environment where youth and senior players can develop and hone their skills. 

  • 9 pitches: 6 natural grass (11-a-side football)

  • 2 synthetic turfs (11-a-side football)

  • 1 synthetic turf (covered | reduced measures - adjacent to 360s)

  • Residence with 86 rooms

  • 2 gymnasiums (523m2, 475m2)

  • 28 dressing rooms

  • 360s space

  • 5 kit rooms

  • 3 physiotherapy rooms

  • 2 treatment and consultation rooms

  • 2 physical evaluation rooms

  • 2 auditoriums

  • Games and leisure room

  • 2 bars

  • Study room

  • Laundry

  • Kitchen

  • 2 dining areas

The Benfica Philosophy

The mission of Benfica's Youth Academy is to guarantee the quality of technical training and educational enrichment of its players, of all age groups, with a focus on the integration into the clubs first team, promoting human values such as respect, responsibility, solidarity, justice and tolerance.

"The club builds a plan together with the player, with each development step understanding what is needed to be worked on, whether it's more technical passing - or whether he needs to work on the physical or game understanding, and that is built into the programme,"

Pedro Marques (Technical Director)

Goals and program of the course

DAY 1: May 9 (tuesday)

10:00 AM - Meeting at the airport of Lisbon (Humberto Delgado)

10:30 AM - Transfer and Hotel Check in

12:00 PM - Lunch

01:00 PM - Transfer to the Campus of Benfica in Seixal

02:00 PM - Theoretical Session (auditorium)

03:00 PM - Theoretical Session (auditorium)

05:00/06:00 PM - Training session observation (under 14, under 15, under 16 or under 17)

08:00 PM - Dinner 

DAY 2: May 10 (wednesday)

08:30 AM - Breakfast

10:00 PM - Training session observation (under 19 or under 23)

12:00 PM - Lunch

02:00 PM - Theoretical Session (auditorium)

03:00 PM - Theoretical Session (auditorium)

05:00/06:00 PM - Training session observation (under 14, under 15, under 16 or under 17)

08:00 PM - Dinner 

DAY 3: May 11 (thursday)

08:30 AM - Breakfast

10:00 PM - Training session observation (under 19 or under 23)

12:00 PM - Lunch

01:00 PM - Transfer to the Stadium/Musuem

02:00 PM - Visit of Museum

03:00 PM - Theoretical Session (auditorium)

05:00 PM - Tour of the Stadium

06:00 PM - Transfer to the airport

This program is indicative and may be subject to very little significant change.

The objectives of the course:

  1. Acquire new knowledge related to the player's development and refinement processes;
  2. Understanding the structural organization of the academy of a club that invests several million euros in talent training;
  3. Understanding in depth the methods of training of Benfica;
  4. Observe weekly sessions and / or games of Portuguese club players from the sidelines;
  5. To learn complementary themes related to individual development, match analysis and scouting.

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"It was an extraordinary experience. We spent beautiful days under many points of view: the technical center is something wonderful, the days are full of activities but they run really fast too. Too bad the theoretical sessions were in English and I do not know the language very well; it would have been even more interesting with a more proficient knowledge of the language on my part. Regardless of this aspect is an experience to be done at least once in life because the things you appreciate are so many."

Andrea Liguori

"Benfica is a top European club and at a youth level I was positively surprised by the organization and care of the whole training course. Sharing this course with other coaches is a real cool one. It becomes a group, you have fun and participate together with various educational and recreational offers such as the game, the tour at the stadium and the museum, really very nice. The hotel is also excellent. It is an experience that I would like to redo and that I recommend to everyone."

Giorgio Mattia 

"I have done many training courses but this far surpasses them all. In reality, the training course is only a small part of the overall experience. It was indeed a full immersion in all aspects of football. The match, the stadium, the training sessions, the lessons (the beautiful one about scouting), the sharing with the colleagues, the welcome of Benfica, are all things that remain in your heart and that I had the pleasure and the luck of living alone in Lisbon. Too bad it did not last longer... "

Giovanni Frenna

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