December 21

London 20:00, Oslo 21:00, Helsinki 22:00
2:00 PM in Central Time (USA e Canada) 




Principles, rules and exercises


Through the analysis of game situations we shall define various pressing modalities that the opponent can use and the solutions that our team can utilize in order to get around, get through and overcome the opposing pressing.

Understanding principles and modalities to contrast pressing will take place through analysis of game situations implemented by teams coached by some of the best coaches around.

We are going to analyze, in a direct, efficient and practical fashion, rules, approaches and cautions that one needs to know and practice in order to organize the game plan for our team.

The webinar includes a series of fundamental exercises that help the organization of the didactical plan. We shall be able to analyze in depth the videos of training sessions used by Premier League and Serie A coaches.

By attending the webinar you shall learn: 

  • How to analyze different pressing modalities that the opponent can use.
  • How to define tactical schemes forced by the opposing pressing and how to respond to those situations.
  • Modalities to develop adequate maneuvers to get around, get through and avoid pressing situations.
  • Fundamental principles to organize the game model.
  • Rules to build the game plan.

In addition you shall be able to analyze:

  • Transversal exercises, in order to improve individual skills.
  • Tactical exercises (used by professionals) to coach team organization.  


Massimo Lucchesi is a UEFA‐certified coach, author of various soccer manuals and director of the Italian company With more than 20.000 registered users, our firm is the top Italian publisher and e‐platform working in the soccer coaching education field.Over the last 20 years, his entire career has been dedicated to various soccer-related activities, all pursuing a specific formative objective.
As a member of the national Soccer Coaches Association of Italy, Massimo had and has the opportunity to follow the daily work of many professional coaches and of some of the most acclaimed in the world, like Guardiola, Ancelotti, Sarri, Luis Enrique, Zeman, Conte, De Zerbi, Prandelli, etc. Massimo also closely analyzes different training methods of football academies, such as FC Barcelona, RSC Anderlecht, SL Benfica, FC Schalke 04, Juventus, AC Milan and so on.Massimo often conducts national and international webinars and seminars for coaches, clubs and football federations.

  • Massimo has been running courses at national and international level for the last 15 years
  • He has consulted for Clubs and Federations of many Countries
  • His courses have been attended by more than 3.000 coaches from all over the world 

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